Materials and Components

Aluminum is the raw material that we mainly use to create our cooking items. It is a material that lends itself perfectly to the creation of pots and pans thanks to its characteristics of high thermal conductivity and lightness. Aluminum is an excellent conductor for quick and even cooking. Only alloys suitable for contact with food are used to make our products. The authorized alloys do not contain Arsenic, Lead, Nickel or Cadmium.

100% Recycled Aluminium

The careful choice of raw materials is a precious resource for us in the fight against waste and pollution and in offering products that are good for consumers and the environment. The body of many series of pans is made using only recycled food-grade aluminum alloys declared suitable to come into contact with food coming exclusively from cans.

100% recycled aluminum is hygienically safe, resistant and infinitely usable thanks to its property as a permanent material that does not wear out and does not lose any of its main characteristics.

Obtaining aluminum from raw materials is a highly energy-absorbing activity, while using it recycled allows us to reduce the environmental impact associated with bauxite extraction and the manufacturing process

Sustainable handles

Our commitment to caring for the environment focuses on all production processes and components of the cookware to bring to the market a product that is as sustainable as possible and deriving from a virtuous circular economy cycle.

Starting from 2021, the majority of our handles are made with sustainable bakelite and designed with TWIN BLOCK® double fixing to obtain ergonomic, safe, robust and long-lasting products in order to reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable packaging

The impact that plastic has on the environment and consequently on human health is devastating: plastic materials have pervaded the ecosystem, contaminating the seas and the air we breathe.

We respond to this emergency by reducing plastic in packaging and using 100% recycled FSC® certified cardboard, the brand that identifies products made of paper materials coming from recycling or from FSC® certified forests.
Cardboard packaging is the most sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging in existence.

100% Eco-sustainable Italian supply chain

Our production is based on a 100% Italian, short and integrated supply chain, equipped with the best techniques to optimize resources, minimize environmental impacts, maximize recovery activities and valorise waste to guarantee products with high quality standards, efficient and safe .

For years the company has been committed to building an increasingly sustainable production model by carrying out periodic checks of the entire supply chain, from the search for raw materials with low environmental impact to production with reduced energy consumption up to plastic-free packaging.

The verification of all phases, in addition to improving the efficiency of production, allowed the group to measure the impacts of the product on the environment, obtaining tangible results in terms of environmental sustainability.