The GREEN footprint
of Moneta

From concrete commitment to virtuous practices.


The careful choice of raw materials is a precious resource for Moneta's commitment to fighting waste and pollution and offering good products for consumers and the environment. The body of many series of pans is made using only recycled food-grade aluminum alloys declared suitable to come into contact with food coming exclusively from cans.

100% recycled aluminum is hygienically safe, resistant and infinitely usable thanks to its property as a permanent material that does not wear out and does not lose any of its main characteristics.

Sustainable handles

Moneta's commitment to the environment focuses on all production processes and components of the cookware to bring to the market a product that is as sustainable as possible and deriving from a virtuous cycle of circular economy.

Starting from 2021, the majority of the brand's handles are made with sustainable bakelite and designed with TWIN BLOCK® double fixing to obtain ergonomic, safe, robust and long-lasting products in order to reduce environmental impact.

Water-based external coatings

Moneta preferably uses raw materials compatible with water-based systems for external coverings and where the use of solvent is still necessary, there is a distiller which allows its recovery and reuse, reducing emissions.

The application of coatings with low-pressure airbrushes allows you to increase yields and reduce the production of managed and separated waste in full compliance with applicable laws and the voluntary environmental regulation ISO 14001 .



Non-stick coating
without PFOA, Nickel or Bisphenol A.


Rough surface ideal for fast, uniform and fat-free cooking,
extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions. BPA, PFOA and Nickel free.


Stone effect with rough surface ideal for fast, uniform and fat-free cooking, extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions.
BPA, PFOA and Nickel free.


Compact, smooth and uniform shield that seals the pan's performance, increasing non-stick properties and ensuring twice as long a life. Without PFOA, Nickel or Bisphenol A.




Plastic Free

The impact that plastic has on the environment and consequently on human health is devastating: plastic materials have pervaded the ecosystem, contaminating the seas and the air we breathe.

Moneta responds to this emergency by reducing plastic in packaging . Cardboard packaging is the most sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging.


100% Recycled Paper

For the production of product packaging, Moneta uses 100% recycled FSC® certified cardboard , the brand that identifies products made of paper materials coming from recycling or from FSC certified forests, which respect both the methods of wood production and the operators in
they are involved.

The performance of Moneta products

The induction of
upper class

the conscious, efficient and safe choice.

Through its research laboratories, Moneta develops tools that guarantee high performance and efficiency.

Induction bases are born from proprietary and patented technologies designed to provide the best performance in terms of bottom flatness and heating speed: cooking takes less time while consuming less energy.



Made using " Impact Bonding " technology, the patented hot pressure process that ensures perfect anchoring of the induction base to the aluminum body. The special shape of the bottom allows for better control of the flatness of the bottom during use, ensuring uniform heating without interruptions with excellent efficiency.


The special woven steel mesh makes the most of the inductive magnetic fields of the induction hob, transferring them in terms of heat generated on the bottom of the piece.


Ferromagnetic steel bottom designed for maximum energy efficiency, sturdiness and extreme ease of handling .

Italian supply chain,
Integrated and Sustainable.

Moneta's production is based on a 100% Italian , short and integrated supply chain, equipped with the best techniques to optimize resources, minimize environmental impacts, maximize recovery activities and valorise waste to guarantee products with high quality standards, efficient and safe.

Moneta's choice

For years the company has been committed to building an increasingly sustainable production model by carrying out periodic checks of the entire supply chain, from the search for raw materials with low environmental impact to production with reduced energy consumption up to plastic-free packaging.

The verification of all phases, in addition to improving the efficiency of production, has allowed Moneta to measure the impacts of the product on the environment, obtaining tangible results in terms of environmental sustainability.

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Take action TODAY
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The Moneta brand is committed to leaving an ecological mark on the environment by innovating the world of cooking tools and developing new coatings, with careful selection of materials and their workmanship.
The eco-sustainability of our company is demonstrated by the ISO 14001 environmental certification and the SA8000 Social Responsibility certification:

- ISO 14001 guarantees the adoption of a voluntary system for the continuous improvement of processes, in order to guarantee environmental respect without affecting quality and customer satisfaction.

- SA8000 ensures respect for human and workers' rights, protection against the exploitation of minors and guarantees of safety and health in the workplace.