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Moneta's distinctive approach is based on the union of Italian style with the great ease of daily use of all its products.

The attention to detail, the desire to also be characterized by elegance and aesthetic taste represent the brand's constant search for an immediately recognizable style, in the wake of the great tradition of Italian design.

Moneta's design

To understand the design of Moneta products, we must first consider the founding cornerstones of the brand, namely " authentic value " and " made in Italy ".

It is the concept of authenticity in its sense of genuine, indigenous, intimately linked to the company, which helps us understand the evolution and style that Moneta has chosen to impart to its products.

Distinctive points of Moneta's design and image

The distinctive points of the Moneta design and image are the concept of domesticity understood as a place of family communion and relationships . Therefore design and communication must be able to translate these values ​​with their own creative choices.

The stylistic language of Moneta articles is evidence of a domesticity that has evolved over time, but has managed to maintain that reassuring character of familiarity , which makes them recognizable as if they had always existed.

International cooking: the sign of an evolving family

We are in the mid-80s when Alluflon SpA acquires the Moneta brand. In these early years, the "international cooking" line was born, which explores cooking tools linked to international culinary traditions. Thus, the paellera , the wok , the multi-plate and the frying pan were born at the same time.

A happy intuition, the result of the analysis of new evolving customs, of the observation that people move and live more and more frequently a culinary experience of distant places which they then want to bring back into the home. International Cooking products remain in the range for a very long time and today they are part of the “Gli Speciali” range.

The color of Moneta for a warm and welcoming kitchen

In the early 90s, Moneta's design focuses on the search for a product that is warm and welcoming. To understand the reasons, it must be remembered that in those years articles made of non-stick material mostly had a cold and technical appearance. Moneta, on the other hand, famous for the colorful enamel pots of the '50s and '60s, developed a series of articles in warm, nuanced colours . The decorations on the bottom of the pot are famous from this period and, inspired by the irregular designs of grandmother's old doilies, give the articles a reassuring character.

The Zecchino becomes equally famous thanks to its characteristic copper color which recalls old pots and pans and its accessories inspired by the shape of the egg. Zecchino becomes a true best seller on the market, sold in millions of copies and is still in production.

Late 90s: the evolution of kitchen furnishings

At the end of the century we witnessed a definitive transformation of the concept of kitchen furnishings. From a room used only for cooking and consuming food, the kitchen becomes more and more the protagonist of the house, supplanting the living room as a place for relationships . In this context, Multipiastra and No-smoke were born, two articles which in their design express a new relationship between cooked food and the table. The first looks like an elegant tray which, once the food has been cooked, can be brought directly to the table while keeping the dish warm and lends itself to elegant presentations.

No-smoke, on the other hand, prevents smoke from cooking meat and therefore makes this practice shareable without creating unpleasant odors.

Early 2000s: hedonism enters the kitchen

In the first years of the new millennium, radio and television programmes, not to mention journalistic ones, compete to satisfy what is perceived as the great passion of Italians: cooking . An interest that is no longer a female legacy, but becomes increasingly male and in which emerges the pleasure of involving one's guests in the new expression of one's creativity through the production of refined recipes.

Sensitive to this trend of culinary hedonism, Moneta presents Pro , a series of professional pans that communicates robustness and elegance at the same time.

Ceramics, and the kitchen revolution arrives

At the end of the first decade of the 2000s, the kitchen revolution imposed by Moneta derives from the use of nanotechnologies and is the ceramic coating . An evolutionary step that allows the pans new cooking performances while respecting the environment. The ceramic coatings are 100% natural, free of PTFE, PFOA, Nickel and Bisphenol A.

Moneta's success materializes with Ceramica_01 , the first series of pans with ceramic coating and progenitor of several highly appreciated series of pans, including Maxima and Aria Finegres.

Sweet violet and good morning! The sign of the future.

In 2012 Moneta presents Mammola , the series of pans created with both non-stick and ceramic coatings. The objective is to promptly respond to the expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele in terms of cooking utensil performance and personal style, as well as increasingly attentive to respect for the environment.

In recent years “ Buongiorno! ” the first coffee maker from Moneta, a tribute to the culture and tradition of Italian coffee in the world which once again makes the brand an important witness to Made in Italy.

A successful journey

The history of Moneta began 140 years ago in 1875 and, since then, it has accompanied generations of families at every moment of the day, becoming a symbol of Italian excellence in the kitchen . It has made research and innovation its values, to offer the most complete range of kitchen tools and utensils you could wish for.

Today the brand's main objective is to research and develop eco-friendly solutions and better performing materials. From these values, 3 sustainable series were born: Eden and Recy, made with 100% recycled aluminum and the new Aria Recycled, 100% sustainable with a recycled aluminum body and natural internal lining.


Design Awards

Home Style Award 2016

The Nova series by Moneta receives the Home Style Award 2016