In 1875 the Moneta brand was born in Milan

1920: Moneta products arrive on the international market

1960: The first Moneta products with non-stick coating are launched

1986: the Moneta brand becomes part of the Alluflon group.

New manufacturing technologies drive its expansion.

1996: Rapid adoption of international quality standard certifications

2008: Moneta was the first brand to launch ceramic coverings on the market, effectively creating a new product category

2015: Moneta launches the new patented Finegres and Protection Base coatings on the market.


The innovative 100% natural coating, without PTFE, PFOA, bisphenol A, nickel and heavy metals, with an extremely non-stick formula.


Patented coating that creates a compact, smooth and uniform shield, sealing performance and increasing
anti-adherence. Without PFOA, nickel and Bisphenol A.

2016: the Nova series by Moneta receives the Home Style Award 2016

2018: The Artech Stone Ultra stone-effect non-stick coating is developed and launched

2020: Moneta launches Recy, its first line of cookware made with 100% recycled cans

2023: the innovative FineGres natural covering is launched, natural, sustainable and resistant.