7-piece set Moneta Etnea

By Moneta

7-piece set Moneta Etnea

By Moneta

7-piece set: a removable handle, a 24cm frying pan, a 28cm frying pan, a 16cm saucepan, a 20cm saucepan, a 16cm and 20cm silicone edge glass lid.

Artech Stone Ultra non-stick stone effect coating, free of PFOA, Nickel and Bisphenol A. Removable handle. For every hob, excluding induction.
Oven safe (without handles and lids)
100% Made in Italy.

Capacity: l
Size: cm (LxPxH)
Piani cottura compatibili e caratteristiche
Dishwasher safe

High thickness forged aluminum body for quick and uniform cooking. For the realization, only alloys suitable for contact with food are used. The authorized alloys do not contain Arsenic, Lead, Nickel or Cadmium.

Artech Stone Ultra: the latest addition to the Moneta coatings, for superior non-stick properties, Artech Stone Ultra is the stone-effect coating with a rough surface for those who want a pot that is not afraid of hard manners. Excellent for fast, uniform and fat-free cooking, very resistant to scratches and abrasions, Artech Stone Ultra uses a triple layer non-stick coating. No PFOA, No Nickel, No Bisphenol A.

REMOVABLE HANDLE One Click: versatile and efficient, you hook and unhook it in an instant, with a solid and secure grip. Simplicity at your fingertips, SAVES SPACE both when storing it and in the dishwasher and allows you to use the bodies even in the OVEN. Easily stackable, everything you need in a small space.

TEMPERED GLASS: it is a reinforced safety glass, elaborated with controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its resistance. Also, if it breaks, it crumbles into small granular pieces to reduce the chances of injury. FLAT SHAPE and SILICONE EDGE: The flat shape is a design element for your pot. The silicone edge avoids bumps and noises and protects the edges of the pots. The shape is suitable for all common shapes of pots and casseroles of the indicated diameter. Resistant to scratches and thermal shocks up to 300 ° C.

6-piece battery: 1 removable handle, 16 cm saucepan and 20 cm saucepan, 24 cm frying pan and 28 cm pan, 16 cm lid and 20 cm lid.

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