Aluminium is light and durable and it conducts heat extremely well: this is what makes it the best material for top-quality pans.
Moneta research has established the best thicknesses to ensure top performance on the cooker, with pans that are easy to use and able to resist thermal shock.

A Moneta exclusive, based on in-house research and design.
Maximum energy efficiency, because the special shape of the ferromagnetic steel base coupled to the aluminium body reduces the heating time by up to 40%.
Easier to handle, because they are up to 20% lighter.*
More durable, because innovative technology provides greater stability and rigidity on induction plates and on any other cooking top.
*compared with previous Moneta models

Unbeatable for frying, inimitable for browning and crisp sautéing, CERAMICA_01® is the original light-coloured coating with superb heat-conduction properties.
When applied to the aluminium body of the pan, it creates an extremely fine, compact film, which is always smooth and easy to clean.
CERAMICA_01® offers a cooking experience that is unlike anything you will find with traditional cooking implements.
The low energy impact of the manufacturing process makes it innovative also in terms of its eco-friendliness.
Resistant to scratches and abrasion, the interior coating in CERAMICA_01® is clearly indicated on the product.

Developed by Moneta, this new light-coloured three-layer non-stick coating is reinforced with ceramic particles to ensure excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion.
Perfect for cooking with little or no fat, its light colour makes it easier to control the state of cooking.
Practical and easy to clean, the interior coating in WHITECH® is clearly marked on the product.

Created by Moneta, Artech® Stone is the three-layer non-stick coating reinforced with mineral particles.
Its extremely practical, perfect non-stick properties make for superb, fat-free natural cooking.
The stone effect recalls the strength and long-term durability of these pans.

An innovative non-stick surface that resists scratches and abrasions.
Applied in three layers, it contains particularly hard mineral particles.
Ideal for fat-free cooking. Easy to clean.

A classic from Moneta, porcelainised enamel can be glossy or satin-finished.
In both cases its look is brilliant, as is its performance, ease of use and maintenance.
As well as coming in a wide range of colours, this enamel is particularly durable and especially resistant to heat and scratches.

Versatile and resistant, and with an elegant opaque texture, it is used by Moneta on oven and induction products and is remarkable for its resistance to all types of washing.

The special textural exterior finish combines the visual and tactile pleasure of the brushed surfaces with extreme resistance and durability.
Used on PRO Ceramica, it brings to the exterior of the pan all the advantages of resistance to heat and abrasions of the ceramic coating.

A winning combination: the safety, pleasure and ease of handling of silicone is a perfect match for the strength and durability of steel.
Together they create a high-performance professional handle with a design of great personality.
Fastened to the pan with rivets to ensure longer life, they are unparalleled both on the cooktop and in the oven, up to 230°C.*
* Always check the packaging of the individual product to see if the item is suitable for use in the oven.

Designed to combine style and ease of use, bakelite handles are both soft to the touch and safe (bakelite does not conduct heat).
They can be adorned with stainless steel inserts and given an extra soft-touch effect.

The intelligent bakelite handle that saves space in the kitchen.
With a special hinge system, it opens and closes very easily in a single movement.
The opening lock makes it firm and safe at all times.

The EnergySaver device is a thermochromic ring on the base of the handle which lets you cook without wasting energy.
When the EnergySaver logo appears, it means the temperature has reached 140°C, which is perfect for most types of cooking.
Now just turn down the heat and avoid wasting energy, while lengthening the life of the pan and avoiding the risk of burns.
* Average value recorded on glass-ceramic hobs.